Headache Prevention & TMJ Therapy

Studies have linked muscle contraction and tightness in your jaw, neck, scalp and shoulders to headaches. A small and unobtrusive nightguard worn at night while you sleep can reduce the intensity of teeth clenching and allow the muscles in the area to relax. Dr. Segrist specializes in headache prevention treatments and understands that no two people are the same. For a diagnosis that is specific to you alone, Dr. Segrist is the right choice.

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Drug Free Pain Relief - Elkhorn Dentistry

Drug Free Relief

If you suffer from tension related headaches then you have come to the right place. Dr. Segrist uses an innovative headache prevention technique that stops the pain right at the culprit, all without the use of drugs! We fit a small, FDA approved nightguard for your mouth to be worn while you sleep. The nightguard will help your muscles relax at night, and in the morning you will feel less stressed, and in turn feel less pain.

Dr. Segrist makes all kinds of different nightguards such as NTI, Anterior bit plains, orthotic splints and more. So if you feel like you are suffering from tension related migraines or headaches, don’t hesitate to come see Dr. Segrist. He will put you on the right track for restoring you to a headache free life.

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